Spring Graduations 2017

College, Friendship, Gainesville, Photography, University of Florida


Ahh Bobby V. I still remember meeting you prior to your Freshman Year at UF. Ever since the Lake Day back in 2012 to now, it’s been exciting seeing you progress throughout the years! I’m excited to see what happens next for you in Seminary!



You made it! 7 years at the Gator Nation and leaving with a PharmD in hand! It was great getting to take photos for an upcoming professional in our field! Good luck in Washington!


Parker & Nick

Between lifting, adventuring, and Super Smash Brothers, this dynamic duo made waves of influence within their community in the Gator Nation! It’s been a pleasure taking photos for you guys, and even more so being your friend!


4 years Down. 3 to Go.

With 4 years of higher education completed here at UF, what better way to commemorate your success with some photos? Even if you’ve substituted a black gown for a white coat! It’s been a pleasure watching you all move on through your first year of Pharmacy school and I’m excited to see you all progress even further next year! Congrats ladies! Keep on keeping on!


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