Trip In Review: Devil’s Den

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Devil’s Den is one of those places that you’ll see all over Pintrest and Facebook. It’s an amazing dive resort and snorkeling cave.

Should you visit?

Yes. Most definitely.


Devil’s Den

Cost (Snorkeling): $10 weekdays, $15 weekends.

Mask & Snorkel Rental: $8. $4 each item.

Cost (Scuba Diving): $38 per day

Devil’s Den is located near Williston, FL. Devil’s Den is a dive resort that offers a swim in chilly 72 degree waters.  If you’re looking for a quick Summer getaway, Devil’s Den’s is the place to be.

If you are snorkeling, you can spend a good 2 hours there with your friends, followed by some lunch out in Williston or back in Gainesville (assuming you’re coming from Gainesville).  Inside the cave, there really isn’t too much to see, other than some fish swimming around, but it’s definitely a great place for pictures. The cave is beautiful.

Devil's Den

Devil’s Den

Outside the cave, there is a short walking trail around a small pond filled with fish. It’s a nice little place for sure. Family friendly and college kid friendly. It’s a fun time no matter what!

Devil's Den

Devil’s Den

By bringing your own snorkeling gear (fins, snorkel, and mask) the weekday cost of $10 is fantastic. Otherwise, it might be worth it if you’re not from the area.

Be sure to check up on their rules and regulations on their website!

Devil's Den

Devil’s Den

Definitely worth a check out!

4 out of 5 stars.


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