Hammock Party Video Release

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Ever since the inception of the Hammock Party, there have been waves of social media response.

It first started with the Facebook event and first connections with Grand Trunk and ENO.

Following was the response from hearing about sponsors and company’s partnering with the event.

Then came the event. Hundreds of photos were taken and shared. Hundreds of people enjoyed the event.

On May 7, 2015 the video from the Hammock Party (Made by Joel Kuhn) was released to the general public. It was yet another wave of social media response.

Since then, articles and blog posts have been written covering the event.

Here are some that I’ve found over the past few weeks.

The Alligator (pre-event): Article Here

The Gainesville Sun (photo gallery): Photos Here

The Gainesville Sun (video): Video Here

The Gainesville Sun (blog): Article Here

Orlando Weekly: Article Here

Facebook Share by the University of Florida: Post Here

Retweet by UF President Kent Fuchs: Tweet Here

With the positive response from the video, we have had a Google Hangout/Interview with Hammock Town, and even found our future club advisor, Andy Howard.

We are so excited to see where this club will go! Until then, happy hammocking!



One thought on “Hammock Party Video Release

  1. Hi. I’m the editor of the Florida GATOR alumni publication. We are writing an article (very short) about hammock use on campus. Since you founded the hammock club on campus, I thought you would be a great person to speak with. Can you send me an email or give me a call ASAP? I also want to talk to you about using one of your photos to feature in the publication. Thanks. 443-223-6976


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