Trunks and Trashcans

#EnoTrunkTuesdays, Cru at UF, Hammocking, Trashcan

Trunks and Trashcans Selfie

January 14, 2015 will be a day for the books!

The day Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) shared the memories from the inaugural Trunks and Trashcans event! The selfie that changed #EnoTrunkTuesdays forever. The selfie that spread around the Cru community like wildfire.


Earlier that Saturday, over 60 students gathered in front of The Swamp at the University of Florida to make a statement. And a statement, was surely made.

Hanging up over 33 hammocks, students relaxed in comfortable weather while observing the new game that’s taking Gainesville by a storm: Trashcan.


Originally started by a family from both Melbourne and Gainesville, Florida, Trashcan mixes sports like basketball and soccer with high intensity athletic action. Between the gatherings of the students who received hammocks for Christmas and the students yearning for sporting activities, Trunks and Trashcans was a a sight to see. Students were running, jumping, and kicking while others laid back and enjoyed conversation with both old and new friends.





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